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Meet the breakthrough in female intimate health—the Emfemme 360. Our state-of-the-art procedure offers a fast, non-invasive, 8-minute solution for rejuvenating vaginal and vulvar tissues. Designed for women navigating the physical changes of postpartum, perimenopause, and menopause, the Emfemme 360 harnesses the power of radiofrequency energy to significantly improve tissue health.

With the safe and gentle application of heat, the treatment promotes enhanced blood flow, bolstering both collagen and elastin fibers while increasing vaginal wall thickness. These changes are not just microscopic; they translate to tangible improvements in daily life and intimate wellbeing.

Experience the Difference of the Emfemme 360

  • Painless Procedure: Say goodbye to discomfort. Our approach involves zero pain and requires no anesthesia, setting us markedly apart from other treatments.

  • No Downtime: Reclaim your day immediately. With no recovery period, you can resume all activities, including sexual intercourse, on the same day.

  • Hormone-Free Option: Tailor the treatment to your needs. Choose the hormone-free option, or combine it with hormone therapy to maintain your results.

Backed by Clinical Evidence

We believe in transparency and reliability. Our claims are grounded in science, with histology studies revealing a remarkable 36.8% increase in elastin fibers and a 17.1% increase in collagen fibers, alongside a 32% boost in vaginal wall thickness. In a focused study, the Vaginal maturation index surged, indicating a restoration of premenopausal cells, and the inflammatory cells plummeted from 35% to 0% post-treatment. In addition, vaginal pH decreased from 6.6 to a healthy 4.1 after the third treatment as well as an increase in healthy lactobacillus from 28 % pretreatment to 83% post treatment. These profound cellular changes reflect positively on your quality of life, with 95% of participants reporting a comfortable experience.


Transform Your Intimate Health

The aesthetics of the results are only a part of the story. The real victory is in the restoration of your sensuality and confidence. Women who once experienced discomfort during intimate moments noted significant relief, allowing them to engage in pleasurable, pain-free encounters. The return of this intimacy is more than just physical—it's a reconnection with a partner, a revitalization of self-confidence, and a reclaiming of joy in one's own body.

Elevate your intimate health to new heights and experience renewed empowerment with Emfemme 360—your partner in confidence, intimacy, and well-being.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule your consultation today.

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