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Metabolic Reset
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Metabolic Reset

As a diplomate of the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine in addition to being a board certified OBGYN Dr. Russo believes in a holistic approach to care. She is particularly passionate about the concept of Metabolic Reset. It's important to note that she refrains from simply referring to it as weight loss. Numerous studies have highlighted that years of caloric restriction and chronic dieting can induce significant changes in the biochemistry of your body, making weight loss more challenging. 

Metabolic Reset is not a conventional weight loss program; rather, it represents a transformative approach aimed at shifting focus away from weight-centric strategies and restrictive diets. Through the integration of Lifestyle Medicine (LM) principles and coaching techniques, our program emphasizes the cultivation of a harmonious relationship with oneself, food, and movement.


The primary objective is to facilitate a reset of the body's metabolic set point over time, addressing the underlying reasons why traditional weight loss endeavors often fail. While medications like semaglutide may offer assistance, they are not standalone solutions but rather tools within a broader framework.

It's noteworthy that many weight loss studies fail to report patients' weights post-medication discontinuation, highlighting the transient nature of conventional approaches. Our program champions the principles of Healthy at Every Size, intuitive eating, and mindful, enjoyable movement.

Dr Russo believes in fostering sustainable lifestyle changes that prioritize holistic well-being over numerical metrics. While weight loss may occur gradually throughout the journey, the emphasis lies on allowing the body to adapt healthily to these transformations.

Metabolic Reset is about empowering individuals to lead their healthiest and happiest lives, liberated from the constraints of societal pressures and scale-driven expectations. It's a journey toward self-discovery, vitality, and fulfillment that transcends mere numbers on a scale.

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