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Lifestyle, Aesthetic, and Intimate Wellness for Men

Lifestyle Medicine and Metabolic Reset

At The Pink Dahlia, men benefit from a comprehensive approach to lifestyle medicine, designed to complement traditional treatments for chronic diseases. Our coaching and personalized plans integrate key principles of lifestyle medicine, emphasizing nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and social support to empower lasting health transformations.

Moreover, men can explore innovative solutions such as GLP-1 medications to support their health goals and reset metabolic setpoints. These medications offer proactive management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity, aligning with our holistic approach to wellness. By combining lifestyle interventions with advanced therapies, men can achieve sustainable health improvements and reclaim their vitality at The Pink Dahlia.

Aesthetics - Body and Face

Introducing EMSCULPT NEO for MEN! Get ready to level up your game and redefine what it means to look and feel your best. As men age, muscle loss becomes a natural challenge, often accompanied by back pain and other discomforts. EMSCULPT NEO steps in as the ultimate solution, helping you build muscle and torch fat simultaneously. Say goodbye to weakness and hello to a stronger, more resilient you!

Moreover, complement your journey with our regenerative facial aesthetics, including the ruggedly effective Vampire Face lift and Facial. Unleash your natural charm and reclaim your confidence with our cutting-edge facial treatments. It's time to own your masculinity and radiate strength inside and out!


Intimate Wellness 

At The Pink Dahlia, we understand that male incontinence is a prevalent concern affecting up to 25% of men worldwide. This condition, often overlooked, can lead to significant stress and discomfort among affected individuals. Studies reveal a high level of associated stress due to the condition, impacting men's overall well-being and quality of life. Whether due to aging, medical conditions, or other factors, male incontinence deserves attention and support. Studies have shown in men post prostatectomy a 40 - 50 % improvement in improved quality of sleep and energy from decreased nocturia (going to the bathroom at night), emotions and social limitations. 


In addition, can have positive benefits for men's sexual health as well with studies showing a nearly 40 % improvement in maintaining an erection with intercourse.  EMSELLA chair at The Pink Dahlia is a non-invasive treatment option that can help alleviate symptoms and restore confidence. Call to schedule your complimentary consult today!



Introducing the EMSELLA Chair at our practice, a revolutionary solution designed to bring transformative benefits to both incontinence and sexual health. This state-of-the-art chair utilizes high-frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate pelvic floor muscles effectively. For those experiencing incontinence, the EMSELLA Chair offers a non-invasive and comfortable option to strengthen and re-educate pelvic floor muscles, addressing concerns with continence.

Beyond its impact on incontinence, the EMSELLA Chair contributes significantly to sexual health. By enhancing pelvic floor strength and neuromuscular control, it promotes improved sexual function and satisfaction. The chair's unique technology goes beyond addressing symptoms; it empowers individuals to reclaim control over their pelvic health, leading to increased confidence and overall well-being.

Choose the EMSELLA Chair at our practice for a holistic approach to pelvic health, providing transformative benefits for incontinence and revitalizing sexual well-being.


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Complimentary Consult 

For intimate health and sexual wellness services listed above book a complimentary consultation to review which treatments are best suited for you!

For a complete intimate and sexual wellness evaluation and treatment plan book a gynecology consult appointment. 

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